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Small Manufacturing: Upping our Game in Tough Times

And the good news is.... Golightly Cashmere is 100% made-by-US! For You, for Us, this means we are not shutdown because we are relying on China to ship goods. Also, for us, for you, we have taken this unique time to do something slightly crazy and bold: we are expanding!

Firstly, and for years now, we have wanted to "up our manufacturing game" and acquire an industrial knitting machine. We did it! These past quiet months were welcomed to learn how to program and operate this game-changer. For you, dear customer, this means options! This means ribbing and finely finished edges, it means more color play and sweaters, yes, more sweaters! It also means our bodies will be spared the laborious details involved in our working our vintage machines.


What it doesn't mean is a change of what's not broken: our beloved Cashmere Watchcap. Tried and True is an Old Reliable, we are grateful for that simplicity.


 Our next exciting news is that we are opening a store in Breckenridge, Colorado! This little venture has been many years in the making and the opportunity came at just the moment when we needed it most. Chocolate + cashmere (our retail expression of Golightly Cashmere) will open its doors (finger's crossed) by September 15 of this year! Here is a sneak peak of the paint job we just competed:chocolate+cashmere_breckenridge

Meanwhile, back in Santa Fe at Golightly HQ, we are so proud to be weathering this storm together. Our people are as loyal to us and to you as we are to them. We remain healthy, cautious and hopeful. Above all, Thank You for your continued support of the work we so love. made_in_usa_manufacturing

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