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Small Manufacturing: Upping our Game in Tough Times

And the good news is.... Golightly Cashmere is 100% Made-by-US! For You, for Us, this means we are not shutdown because we are relying on overseas to ship goods. Also, for us, for you, we have taken this unique time to do something slightly crazy and bold: we are expanding.

Firstly, and for years now, we have wanted to "up our manufacturing game."  In April of this year, at quite a difficult moment, we acquired an industrial knitting machine from Japan.  The machine had been expected but the pandemic had not. Our knitting mill was quiet and knitters were at home. We were asking ourselves: who  or how were we going to learn and operate this new machine? By a boon and stroke of good luck, we found Sarah here in Santa Fe. She is a fresh graduate from RISD with a major in knitwear design. She grew up here and instead of going on to New York to find an adventurous young person's job, she welcomed the fresh air and family here at home.  We are so happy because she is an incredibly fast learner with an enviously studious and persistent demeanor.  She's lovely and her knits will impress you.

For you, dear customer, this new machine with Sarah at its helm means options! It means ribbing and finely finished edges, it means more color play with plating and stripes and patterns. In 2021 it means sweaters, yes, more sweaters! It also means our bodies will be spared the laborious details involved in working our vintage machines. Stand by and check in regularly because we will be releasing new forever products periodically.


What the new machine doesn't mean is a change of what's not broken: our beloved Cashmere Watchcap. Tried and True is an Old Reliable and we are grateful for that simplicity. The Watchcap, with its hand-stitched seam honestly remains our favorite thing to knit. 


 Our Part 2 EXPANSION NEWS is that we are opening a chocolate + cashmere store in Breckenridge, Colorado! This little venture has been many years in the making and the opportunity came at just the moment when we needed it most. Chocolate + cashmere (our retail expression of Golightly Cashmere) will open its doors (finger's crossed) by September 15 of this year! Here is a sneak peak of the paint job we just competed: chocolate+cashmere_breckenridge

Meanwhile, back in Santa Fe at Golightly HQ, we are so proud to be weathering this storm together. Our people are as loyal to us and to you as we are to them. We remain healthy, cautious and hopeful. Within our studio, we have plenty of space to remain distanced without being at home and we wear masks. Here in New Mexico, things have been very cautious from the start. We clean professionally and thoroughly twice per week and internally, our work culture has established a protocol of strict safety. We care for each other and for the integrity of the product we make. 

Above all, in times where small businesses are struggling so, we simply feel lucky to stay the course. An order from you is an honor we strive to live up to. Life-time guarantee and delightful quality are our promises. It is our joy to work for you. It is a joy to work with beautiful color, yarn, and people. Thank you for your time in reading and leave a comment if you feel inclined!made_in_usa_manufacturing

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