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The Helene Goat Watchcap

The Helene Goat Watchcap

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This cashmere keeps the precious fibers of the goat from being wasted. This is why we call this our GOAT line.

What was once considered “rogue” color has been Repurposed into a compelling new line-up of marled color ways. Find richness and texture and softness in these hats. Feel the satisfaction of using everything the Goat and her cashmere has to offer.

What is Reclaimed Cashmere?

Reclaimed Cashmere combines fibers left over from different production runs that in the past may have gone unused or even been discarded. The resulting yarns are of beautiful color combinations where no two are the same. We took one look and thought: "These will make some incredible looking hats".

Backed by our Golightly Guarantee, all Reclaimed Cashmere items are of the same quality and standards as our traditional yarn items.

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The Golightly Guarantee

We will teach you how to care for your cashmere. We stand by our creations and guarantee our work, forever. Everything we make is worthy of a lifetime of use. It is made to last.