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"Got the hat today. Way sooner than expected! The pictures, I'm afraid, do not do the hat justice. I usually get black and I ordered the Buffalo color. The subtle color striations, the feel of the fabric; everything adds up to a positively exquisite garment. A buddy of mine and I were talking about how we can't buy cheap shoes anymore. I pay $200 for my shoes, but at the five year point they are just starting to look worn in. And my feet are comfortable the whole five years and beyond. I don't look at them and think about how much I paid; I wear them and am so happy that my feet are comfortable. I very much look forward to owning this hat for much longer than five years. My head is going to be warm and I'm going to look great; a Watchcap has been fashionable for the last 200 years and that shows no signs of abating. It really is a no-itch fabric. All my cheap ten-buck watch caps just went into the Goodwill bag. Thank you for putting a lot of quality into an important part of my life. And please put some more pictures on your site. People have to know how gorgeous and well-made these hats are!"

- C. McQuary, Seattle, WA

"These are the best and warmest hats on the planet bar non. When you are on an island where winds can be up to 80 miles in your face and head, this hat really works and I have tried them all, wool, polyester and fleece you name it. this is the real deal thanks to the people making these wonders. Glad tidings!"

- J. Glazer, Maine

"My husband wrote the previous review, and I imagine he was so excited about his that he passed on your information to his parents, who were looking for something warm and wonderful to take care of my head for Christmas. To be honest, I wasn't all that worked up about the idea of him buying himself a cashmere hat right before Christmas. But then he got his Watchcap, and I was immediately jealous. Until Christmas morning, when I opened my celadon Featherweight Watchcap. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh! It's a little bit of heaven for my head. We recently moved from California to the Northwest, where winters are considerably colder, and I expect this gorgeous hat will be worn forever. I love it, and I am now longing for a matching scarf or neck gaiter. Hint, hint. Valentine's Day is just around the corner... Good luck to you - you provide a terrific Product!"

- A. McQuary, Seattle, WA

"I got a baby cap and it is soo baby-soft! It fits my baby boy so perfectly and he doesn't fuss when I put it on. Thanks for the fine product!"

- Anonymous, Santa Fe, NM