our TEAM

Vicky has been with Golightly since 2009. She began in the shipping department wrapping each hat with love and precision. Her affinity for the product and for our aesthetic standard inspired Vicky to learn more. Today she is our Production Manager and Lead Knitter. As the machines take years to get to know, Vicky is patient, detailed, and she cares deeply about the work her team does. When not making those machines roar, Vicky can be found inventing something amazing in the kitchen or purveying the world for all things cute and original.
If there is a better way to do something, Leslie is going to uncover and execute. She is our Knitter Extraordinaire because she is precise, perfectionistic, and committed. It’s in the details where Leslie shines. We love Leslie because she is a rock in our production facility. When she makes something for you, be sure it will be made to last forever. Beyond and with an outstanding ethic Leslie is an avid biker, dog-lover, podcast listener and traveller.
Haleigh is our Founder and Creative Director. She is our visionary and leader. Without her love for quality design and timeless style, Golightly Cashmere may not be what it is today: a 100% USA-made knitting studio with a fabulously passionate and cared-for team of skilled artisans. It is Haleigh’s vision to change the way people think about investing in themselves. Does your head not deserve the best there is? Haleigh has a Master’s Degree in English but her strongest penchant is for color, good design and beauty.
Often identifying himself as our Janitor because nobody mops the floor better than he does (true story), Oscar is also our CEO. He is the Jefe. It is Oscar who keeps all of us focused on our Mission: to design and make delightfully useful and timeless cashmere knitwear. He holds the standard. His business degree from Monterrey Tech surely informs his meticulous attention to our mission and company organization, but we are pretty sure he gets his standard from the highest mountain tops. It is convenient that Oscar run’s a cashmere company because his favorite thing in life is SNOW. He is an extreme skier, a lifetime soccer player and a budding tennis player.
When you come to one or both of our chocolate + cashmere stores in Santa Fe or Taos, you will be touched by the beauty of Kristin. Just about everything aesthetic Is attributed to this wonder-girl. We call her the one-stop shop because she can both visualize and execute. She is our painter, our illustrator, our furniture-designer, and our space-maker. Kristin is thoroughly gifted with talent and any attempt to name the ways will always fall short. The great thing: she is an easy and natural friend with wicked sense of humor. Her kitchen is also place where miracles happen.
Sophia is our smart-as-a-whip Fulfillment Manager. She is responsible for all things in and out of Golightly Cashmere. As our line of distribution is full spectrum (from a cone of perfectly spun, combed, and dyed Scottish cashmere to a hand-loomed, built-to-last a lifetime watchcap) we need Sophia to keep watchful measures. When you have a question, it is often Sophia’s lovely British accented self who will take your call. She will also remember your name because her brain works in that “roger-that” kind of way. Secrets about Sophia: she’s a big time shoe lover, she hits the gym at 5 am, she has a very smart pomeranian named Samson.
Maizy, our much-loved Golden Doodle is Golightly’s Emotional Support Director. She has never met a knitter who makes a pom-pom that she didn’t just Love. She is proud of her non-shedding, hypo-allergenic status but she also prefers to play nice and dirty outside. Preferrably she catches sticks before they hit the ground and balls upon just one bounce. Maizy’s favorite thing about being at the knitting studio is the variety of snacks and scratches from all the people. Maizy’s motto: “something really amazing is about to happen.”