Golightly's First-Ever New Yorker Ad
The Cashmere Watchcap Returns To The New Yorker

For those of you whom have grown to love and appreciate the many merits of this simply ideal product: The Cashmere Watchcap, rest-assured, we are here just as we have been since our first New Yorker ad back in 2005. Golightly Cashmere was born in Taos, New Mexico. Back then, our Founder Haleigh knit each of these legendary hats herself. Maybe you have one. Probably it’s as good and better than it was the first day you received it. These days, you may find us at one of our three brick+mortar expressions: chocolate + cashmere or at Golightly HQ in Santa Fe, NM. There, we make with loving detail a full-line of USA-made cashmere knit pieces and artisan bon-bons and truffles.

Golightly's 2020 Cashmere Hat Ad.
The Cashmere Watchcap Wicks Moisture, Great for the Elements.
The Watchcap: An In-House Production.

Our passion and purpose is to make the Cashmere Watchcap. Built a beefy two-layers thick, this hat is the expression of the what happens when you construct a purely quality hat with the most generous and precious cashmere goat-belly hair there is. This Watchcap is reliably luxury. Each hat hand-stitched and hand-loomed in our Santa Fe knitting studio. We source the knit-table cashmere from either Scotland or Italy, following the qualities of the colors and the yarn itself, constantly seeking the best there is.

This subject of cashmere is a big story, one worth educating yourself on. We will not try to “green-wash” ourselves here, but we will be as transparent as possible in regards to how our work is either helping or hurting the environment and where we are positioned in reaction to the facts as we investigate them. There is a page here addressing the political and ecological details of present day cashmere-- check it out.

At Golightly, all of our products are measured against the simple merits of the watchcap. We ask: Is it good enough to last a lifetime Is it as soft and luxurious as possible? Does it have the capacity to bring joy and peace to its user? Around town, we often get to check in on our hats. We see them at the coffee shop, on the ski mountain, at parties. Mostly, we hear they just get better over time. They mold and form to the end user; they become very personal and like a security blanket. Sometimes, although you may do this yourself, we will offer to wash them and make them like new again. Occasionally, lectures are given about moths and how to take care and often, “don't forget to pen your name and number on the tag.”

Above all, know that when you call our number as seen for these years in the New Yorker, you are talking to the production studio itself. All of us at Golightly, regardless our duties, have learned the process of hand-looming and hand-stitching these hats. We feel it is necessary to know everything there is to know about its energetic origin. See more about what goes into it here. Thank you for the opportunity to do something worthwhile. We appreciate you. If you invest in a watchcap made by yours truly, your head will thank you.