Winter 2021 Lookbook
Something to Live in.

See Chamisa here in our lightweight performance hat. This is our everyday beanie that you scarcely know is there. Like a friend, or a cozy blanket, you seem to notice more when it is goes missing. Instinct tells you to keep it on. Indoor, outdoor-- this hat is the champion of light, soft and effectively warm.

Because we women know how cozy a man’s sweater can be, Chamisa is also wearing our men’s raglan crew. That oversize feel combined with the timeless design-- it is something worth living in.

Things we cherish.
When it comes to garments, there are a few things in our closet that deliver as consistently as our cashmere wrap. It is abundant in size, playful in color, and so soft and lovely like a warm hug.
Enhancing the Experience.
Once you are there, in and out of doors during winter, you will see how imperative our Golightly Cashmere cabled armwarmers are. You will see how they can improve upon your cup of tea, your typing away, upon the experience of holding your dog’s leash. Plus: So many colors, such a good price too.

Our Golightly Scarf is light and lofty and stable in such a way that it becomes sculptural and signature. This means it will stay how you style it as in this case with Chamisa wearing the Turquoise Golightly. The warmth at the neck and the boost of color next to the face make this scarf another staple in your Golightly collection.

Original and Classic Like You.

Our Striped Scarf now in New Color Combinations! We’ve paired this original with what we imagine to be your black coat, your navy coat, or your camel coat. This piece in our scarf line-up is a favorite to many-- it has just the right amount of originality (no one else will have this scarf) and without being obvious. The color choices, we claim, are really wonderful.

The Man Wrap is essentially our cashmere wrap, but we wanted you to see it styled on you, our man customer. We encourage you to go there, see how you grow to love the abundance of material and the way it can add something to your life.
Enter the Straight-Forward.
We designed the Urban Beanie for the straight-forward types. When a hat needs to be just that, we made this one. It’s ribbed cuff holds shape while also being fold-up-able. This hat is hip and universal, amazingly soft, warm and functional. One size fits most on this one.