About Golightly Cashmere

The quality of Golightly Cashmere is as high as possible. Our products are so soft and well-made that they incite delightfulness. Everything is craft knit in the USA and made to last a lifetime.

Golightly Cashmere is 100% sustainably sourced cashmere from the goats of traditional, nomadic Mongolian herders. From the mountains, it is spun into yarn at a heritage Scottish mill known for its environmentally-friendly dyeing process and traditional techniques. We are proud of our deep relationships with those who have paved the way and inspired us to do what we do. We combine the best of traditional practices with our company-wide ethics and standards.

Our knitting studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico is an intimate environment where artisans practice their craft: mindfully and meaningfully. There is a cost to buying clothing made by someone who is making a living wage, and we truly believe that cost is worth it: ethically, karmically, and materially.

What we are doing is rare: sustainably sourcing and ethically producing cashmere in the USA, repairing our knits for life, never sacrificing quality or principles to raise profits or cut costs. When so much of the clothing available to us is manufactured, either overseas or in factories here, we know it’s bold to be bringing back the antiquated art of domestic studio manufacturing. We are proud to offer our customers the chance to purchase something made with thoughtfulness and care, and proud to empower our employees with creative careers.

There is no rival to Golightly Cashmere, and once you’ve felt it, you’ll be ruined for other cashmere forever. Buy Golightly Cashmere and you will understand what it means to wear something made by someone who truly cares. Buy Golightly Cashmere and you will know how wonderful it feels to mail your sweater back and have it returned, swiftly, repaired.

The highest quality cashmere means a warmer and a stronger garment. We are so confident in the strength and longevity of Golightly Cashmere that we repair for life. Because it’s truly heirloom cashmere, it is so worth it to repair a snag in a sweater that will last for a lifetime.