Committed to giving you quality, color, and a lifetime of adventure.

For almost two decades, Golightly Cashmere has been designed, knit, and carefully packaged up to be sent on to its forever home - all from our studio right here in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

What we’re doing is rare. 

When so much of the clothing available to us is manufactured - either overseas or in factories here in the US - we know it’s bold to be bringing back the antiquated art of domestic studio manufacturing. 

A close-knit team of expert artisans.

We’re exceptional at what we do. Over the years we’ve perfected our skills, developed new techniques, and evolved our designs - all to give you the highest quality, highest performing cashmere clothes and accessories you’ll ever own.

We love it when our cashmere comes back to visit.

We’re committed to keeping your cashmere looking and feeling its best by offering lifetime maintenance and care. Send us your well-loved knits, and have them returned to you - refreshed, repaired, and ready for your next adventure. 

made to be worn

High-Performance cashmere

*We’re not the precious cashmere sweater you only wear for special occasions.

Golightly Cashmere is designed to be loved - hard.

Our knits, made from the softest and surprisingly durable natural fiber you can find on the planet, keep you comfortable even under extreme conditions. We know because we’ve been putting them to the test here in Northern New Mexico since 2004.

Clothing that keeps up with you.

Cashmere is naturally insulating, keeping you warm when the temp drops well below zero, while being ultra lightweight and moisture-wicking. Golightly performs so well, you might forget you’re wearing it.

Intentionally crafted for life’s everyday adventures.

Many of our designs have stayed for years because you can wear Golightly anywhere, anytime - without sacrificing style or performance.

It begins with the goat

Tradition woven in

Our 100% cashmere is sourced from the special cashmere goat, scientifically named the Hircus Blythi, found across the Asian highlands. 

Dyed and spun to the highest standards. From the mountains, our cashmere is then dyed and spun in Scottish heritage mills, using traditional techniques to ensure the highest possible fiber quality, while also upholding certain environmental & working standards.

A circular, more sustainable model. Before overconsumption became the norm, people mended things. We encourage the old - and inherently more sustainable - way of doing things, by offering cashmere care for life. This means your favorite cashmere hat can be passed down someday, looking and feeling as good as when you first bought it, fit to be loved by the next generation.


“I have always been a huge fan of cashmere, but Golightly brings a whole new meaning to the word.”

— Barbara

“I have ordered from other cashmere companies and Golightly Cashmere gets my vote for being first rate.”

— Margaret

“Thank you for another beautiful work of art”

— Deborah