tend & mend guarantee

How we keep Our Promise

We want you to know that in-house care, repair, refresh is all included in your lifetime guarantee, free of charge. When it’s time to send us your well-loved Golightly Cashmere...


1. Send us your well-loved Golightly Cashmere

2. We get to work on each item (see all four steps below)

3. We send it back to you refreshed and adventure-ready!


Anti-moth Treatment

Moths love munching on animal fibers. But there’s plenty we can do to prevent them getting a taste for your Golightly Cashmere. We can freeze your cashmere to decontaminate it, killing any eggs or lingering larvae. We’ll finish with our anti-moth conditioner. Bye-bye, munchies!

Pilling Removal

You don’t have to put up with those little tufts of loose fibers that appear on any well-loved knit. We’ll gently de-pille your cashmere by hand, using a special comb. You’ll get your cashmere back feeling smooth and looking like-new.

Wash & Dry & Prep For The Season

Maybe your knit just needs a good, thorough clean. Yes, we’ll teach you how to wash it at home, but if you want to give your cashmere some extra TLC, send it to us. We’ll treat it with our formulated anti-moth conditioner, preparing & protecting it for the season ahead.


We want you to feel free to live fully and adventure hard in your Golightly knits. So when those inevitable snags or holes appear, you don’t have to worry. Send us your cashmere and we’ll expertly and invisibly mend it. Your cashmere’s ready to keep up with you again!

Cashmere you’ll love for a lifetime. Guaranteed.

Our promise to you...


You could say we’re the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)  Every piece of Golightly Cashmere is made using the highest quality cashmere you can find. No blends. No sub-par fibers. Just 100% heirloom cashmere. Except our GOAT line, which uses 100% non-virgin, reclaimed cashmere.

Quality cashmere, one knit at a time. Our knits are made with care. Slowly. Thoughtfully. In small batches. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we’ll gladly make your piece to order. Think of what we do as the exact opposite of the fast fashion industry.


Warmer, stronger, lighter. Warm, durable, moisture-wicking, and lightweight: cashmere performs - naturally. Your Golightly Cashmere is built to keep up with you on all your adventures. 


Cashmere you don’t have to feel precious about. We know buying high-quality cashmere is an investment. We want to make that decision as stress-free as possible. So when you notice your go-to Watchcap looking a little tired, or maybe you catch your coziest sweater on a nail, just send them to us and we’ll happily return them to their Golightly glory.

When you buy Golightly Cashmere, you’re not just buying a beautiful piece of cashmere clothing. You’re getting complete confidence and peace-of-mind, knowing your new favorite cashmere knit can be revived to its like-new state, whenever you want, as often as you need. 


Beyond satisfaction. When you buy Golightly we promise to take care of you, too.

Crafted by people who care. Our highly-skilled and passionate team truly cares about giving you the very best product. Some of our knits are even finished by hand to give you a higher quality stitch. The people making your cashmere clothes and accessories are the same folks mending and making them like-new again. It’s love you can feel.

Our Santa Fe knitting studio is where it all happens. Brainstorming new high-performing products. Refining designs. Selecting the season’s most sumptuous colors. Creating each Golightly knit one at a time. Caring for and repairing your hard-loved pieces. You’ll find it’s all under one roof. 


“I have always been a huge fan of cashmere, but Golightly brings a whole new meaning to the word.”

— Barbara

“I have ordered from other cashmere companies and Golightly Cashmere gets my vote for being first rate.”

— Margaret

“Thank you for another beautiful work of art”

— Deborah