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Let us care for your cashmere! Learn about Our Promise.

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We offer free and prompt Returns & Exchanges!


Free shipping on domestic orders over $250!
United States: shipped via USPS, Priority Mail, for $9.00
International: Our INTERNATIONAL shipping including Canada is sent via DHL.
Gifts: If you are sending cashmere as a gift, we do not enclose paper receipts in the boxes, only a classy care instruction card. We are happy to enclose a note for you if that is your wish also. Simply write it in the gift comment section.

What are your delivery times?

In stock items usually ship within 24 hours. Made to order items usually within 48-72 hours. If your order is placed over the weekend, please begin these time periods starting the next business day.

Can I ship using UPS or FedEx?

You may choose UPS and an estimate for various options is offered to you at check out.

Do you provide worldwide shipping?

Yes, our international shipping (including Canada) is sent via DHL. We recognize this route is slightly more expensive, but we have been around enough to know it is simply the safest, most reliable service. We have gone as far as making a superior product, one not found anywhere else, we feel it is essential it arrives promptly and that it be trackable from our doorstep to yours.

Returns & Exchanges

We offer free and prompt Returns & Exchanges. It is our #1 priority to wow you with our products. If for any reason you would like to return or exchange un-used merchandise, please do so within 45 days of receipt. 

How can I cancel my order?

Please contact customer service via phone, email or chat above and let us cancel your order for you asap!

What if I receive the wrong product?

Yes, please return it for a full refund.

If I’m not happy with the product may I get a refund?

It is our #1 priority to wow you with our products. If for any reason you would like to return or exchange un-used merchandise, please do so within 45 days of receipt. We offer free and prompt Returns & Exchanges.

Do you offer exchanges for faulty items?

Absolutely. We stand by our products 100%. If your item has been used or worn please contact customer service and we'll replace or repair it asap.

If I bought an item as a gift, could the recipient exchange it for a different color, size or another one of your products?

Yes, they can call our customer service at 575-776-8287 and discuss exchange options, or use the order number to initiate an automated exchange.

If the color is not exactly what I thought it would be, may I exchange it?

Yes, simply exchange it for another color. If you are unsure beforehand, let us send you a swatch sample or contact us for advice!

Lifetime Guarantee

We stand by our creations and guarantee our work, forever. Everything we make is worthy of a lifetime of use and made to last. We are so proud of our knits that we guarantee them against life’s accidents. We promise to continue to repair and restore your Golightly Cashmere wherever possible. Learn more about Our Promise.

How it works

Start a Tend & Mend service request. It works like an exchange but you'll be sending us your old item and we'll send it back refreshed!

We'll perform the following right here in our shop:

• Anti-moth Treatment

Moths love munching on animal fibers. But there’s plenty we can do to prevent them getting a taste for your Golightly Cashmere. We can freeze your cashmere to decontaminate it, killing any eggs or lingering larvae. We’ll finish with our anti-moth conditioner. Bye-bye, munchies!

• Pilling Removal

You don’t have to put up with those little tufts of loose fibers that appear on any well-loved knit. We’ll gently de-pille your cashmere by hand, using a special comb. You’ll get your cashmere back feeling smooth and looking like-new.

• Wash & Dry & Prep For The Season

Maybe your knit just needs a good, thorough clean. Yes, we’ll teach you how to wash it at home, but if you want to give your cashmere some extra TLC, send it to us. We’ll treat it with our formulated anti-moth conditioner, preparing & protecting it for the season ahead.

• Maintenance

We want you to feel free to live fully and adventure hard in your Golightly knits. So when those inevitable snags or holes appear, you don’t have to worry. Send us your cashmere and we’ll expertly and invisibly mend it. Your cashmere’s ready to keep up with you again!

Will your products stand up to heavy usage?

Yes. We test each of our products in extreme conditions. We abuse the heck out of them ourselves. After nearly 20 years we can say they should last you a lifetime.

Care Instructions

The Golightly team exercises great care into manufacturing some of the finest cashmere products in the world. We want to help you maintain the pieces you love. Please refer to our instructions below.

Can I wash my cashmere in a machine?

Yes, Golightly Cashmere is machine-washable! Without making a daily habit of it, we recommend washing if/when soiled or just once per season. Keeping your cashmere clean will protect it from moth damage.

• Wash in front-loading machine, cold water, gentle cycle (a top-loading machine could either loosen the structure of the garment or shrink it considerably)

• Soften and clean the cashmere by using a small dollop of Cashmere Clean or baby shampoo.

• Dry Flat. When dry, garment can be ironed gently.

• Store in an airtight container with something natural and strong-scented to repel moths. This can be one of our one of ourGolightly sachets, cedar balls, lavender, even a dryer sheet.

Remember, we offer care and repair services, free of charge, with every purchase! Learn more about Our Promise

Can I wash my cashmere by hand?

If you choose hand washing, we recommend following these simple steps:

• Soak garment in lukewarm water using small dollop Cashmere Clean, Baby shampoo, or a mild detergent. Do not let water run directly onto cashmere.

• Squeeze suds gently through fabric - do not rub, wring or stretch the garment.

• Rinse thoroughly in clean lukewarm water. Saturated garments should not be lifted before excess water has been squeezed out, as they may stretch. Gently squeeze water out of garment before drying. You can do this by rolling garment in a dry towel, and pressing the water out. Do not twist or wring.

• Smooth garment back into original shape and place flat on a towel. When dry, garment can be ironed gently.

Can I dry clean my cashmere?

Dry cleaning will remove some of the natural oils in cashmere, and reduce the softness of the fibers. The important thing to note about dry-cleaning is that we do not feel comfortable recommending it unless you have an ongoing relationship with your cleaner. We feel that many cashmere labels read “dry clean only” as a way to take away responsibility for things that can go wrong when improperly washing it yourself.

Do colors fade when washed?

No, the cashmere colors will not fade.

Does cashmere shrink when washed?

If the yarn is over-agitated, it can slightly felt the cashmere causing it to shrink in unpredictable ways. Always wash on gentle, in a front-loading washing machine. Similarly, if the cashmere hat is washed in hot water, it will undoubtedly felt, again, causing shrinkage.

How do I prevent moths?

Moths are the saddest thing to happen to cashmere, and yet they can be avoided forever. It is simply a measure on your part to ensure they don't find a perfect place to mate and lay larvae. Initially, they are attracted to the smell of humanity in your hat. They like soft places, fine dust, specs of food, even hair grease.

At the season's end, and as a regular practice, wash your cashmere (as instructed above).

To be extra safe, or if you suspect your cashmere has been visited by the pests, put your cashmere in the freezer for 24 hours. Existing larvae do not survive drastic changes in temperature, nor do they survive washing. Moths are not so much repelled by smells such as lavender or eucalyptus, instead it interferes with the pheromones and they cannot find a mate and therefore they cannot lay larvae which eats your cashmere as a way to life. Here are tips for handling a moth threat if you find one.

• Freeze your cashmere. Put the cashmere in a plastic bag. Freeze for 48 hours, then defrost. This will kill moth larvae.

• Air out garments and expose them to sunlight occasionally. Inspect closely and regularly.

• Store in airtight containers and with a pheromone distracting scent.

Will the baby blankets hold up to frequent washings?

Excessive washing will take a toll on the cashmere. The tendency of the fibers upon agitation is to felt the yarns, thereby altering the shape. By excessive, we mean, more than once a week. Do follow our care guidelines.

How do I treat pilling?

After wearing your new cashmere garment for the first few times you might find small balls of fibres forming on the surface. These small balls or "pills" are caused by some of the loose fibre tangling together as areas of your garment are rubbed during wear.

The "pilling" is not indicative of inferior quality - it is an inevitable consequence of the careful processing of this fine fibre. Pills can be easily removed by hand or by using a lint roller, acashmere comb, or by washing. It is important to note the finer quality the cashmere, the less pilling. This has to do with the length of the fiber. The cashmere should come only from the goat’s belly because this is the longest and finest fiber.

We have certainly seen inferior cashmere which is arguably not from the belly, but from the neck and the ankles. These fibers are shorter and more susceptible to pilling. We promise you, this is not our cashmere. Ours is from the oldest mill in Scotland, from the very people who invented the art of spinning the raw material into a knit-able yarn.

Sizing & Guides

What is the Regular Hat Size?

23” and under head size (fits most heads found in the world)

What is the Extra Large hat size?

24” or more head size (for bigger heads, big hair or an oversize feel)

How should I measure my head size?

Take a soft measuring tape (or piece of string) and wrap it around your forehead and over the tops of your ears.

If the fit of my cashmere hat is not perfect, may I exchange it?

Yes, simply exchange it for another size. If you are unsure of what size to get please reach out to customer service. We'd be happy to help.

What’s the difference between the Performance Hat and the Watchcap?

We hear this question a lot. The answer is: length. The Performance Hat is double layered and 6 ply, like the Watchcap, but not long enough to fold up the brim.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that you do not see here, please reach out! We're happy to hear from you anytime for any reason.

Do your products contain lanolin?

There is no lanolin in our cashmere nor used in processing our cashmere. There is no lanolin in any of our cashmere care products.

Lanolin is an oil naturally produced by sheep that coats wool fibers. Many people are allergic to lanolin. Cashmere is hair that comes from goats and does not contain lanolin.

Can I remove the label?

If you wish to remove a label, please consult one of our knowledgeable staff members or a professional tailor. We are not responsible for damage caused by removing labels.

Will my cashmere hat stretch out over time?

If the hat is too small for you originally, it will "bell out" over time. However, our cashmere hats are designed to stretch only enough to form to your head in a comfortable manner. Other factors such as hair styles (dreadlocks) and use (excessive stretching) will obviously contribute to this as well.

Why are your products more expensive than the cashmere products I see at retail stores?

Most cashmere products found in retail stores are made in China of Chinese-processed cashmere. Of course, we know these products are mass-produced and far less expensive.

Still, the difference between Scottish-processed yarn and Chinese-processed yarn is very obvious. While 95% of the world's cashmere comes from Mongolia, the Scots have been going to market for over 200 years, taking with them a fine microscope for identifying the longer fibers. Further, their dyes and processes have been refined and cultivated in such a way they continue to maintain the superior advantage.

Golightly Cashmere hand-looms each item. We pride ourselves in being environmentally and socially conscious. Our craftspeople are paid a living wage.

Learn more about Our Story.

Will your products stand up to heavy usage?

Yes. We test each of our products in extreme conditions. We abuse the heck out of them ourselves; so far, we can say they should last you a lifetime.