The Mabel Dodge Artists Project

Artist Interviews
It is with pride that we present to you this series of artist interviews made at the historic Mabel Dodge Luhan house in Taos, New Mexico. As our photography team thought about creating a look for winter 2019, we thought about our roots and about the depth of the place we call home: Taos. Mabel’s house is a perfect setting because it seems to crystallize all things Taos. We considered the history of the place, now 100-years-old, and all of the artists that came here. Among them: Georgia O'Keefe, Ansel Adams, DH Lawrence, Edward Weston, the list goes on. They were inspired by the place and the beauty of Taos captivated them. Golightly Cashmere invited the following 7 artists to come, to wear cashmere, and to reflect on their work as it is created in this beautiful setting. We hope our objective of exposing the depth behind the scenes will inspire you, that you will draw parallels between our work, their work, and this place.
Johnny Ortiz
Johnny was our lucky surprise in this Mabel Dodge project. He arrived invited but unconfirmed and although much of the team had heard about his Shed Project, we really didn’t know much about it or him. If I were to sum up a singular word that Johnny embodies entirely, it is “Authentic.” His values are revealed in his lifestyle choices from his shoes, gloves and jacket to the plates he hand-crafts to serve his food on. Everything has a story and a history and a good and honest vibration and Johnny considers it all. It matters to him and his lifestyle reflects this. Check out this video story we did about him; it’s a real treat.
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Afton Love
Bless Afton for the beauty beyond beauty that she is and makes. I first met Afton in my photo studio as a model for Golightly Cashmere. It has been a side thing she has done in the past, something she is very natural and good at, but as you will see here, modelling is only one dimension of the many fascinating dimensions of Afton. First off, her work is truly astounding. It’s the kind of thing you want to wake up and look at, also something you want to fall asleep looking at. I honestly don’t think this is something that can be said of very much art. There is a spaciousness and clarity to the work and when you stand and look at it, you feel it. It brings peace to its viewer and it is worthwhile. Just sayin.
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Maye Torres
Maye’s voice is my favorite. She is seasoned, accessible, lovely, light, and deep-- all at the same time. I’ve known Maye for many years, back to the time when Golightly’s knitting studio was located in the historic Padre Martinez house, also Maye’s grandmother’s house. Her mother grew up there and Maye was married in the house. Golightly actually knit your watchcaps there for a time in 2007-2009. Maye’s son, Zach, used to come play the grand piano in the living room while we knit hats. Imagine! All of this said, I was glad for the opportunity to get to see Maye and learn more about her as an artist, her amazing new gallery on the Taos plaza, Studio 107B. It is truly the best gallery in Taos and Maye’s work speaks volumes about the depth of a human she is.
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David Costanza
David and I share all sorts of criss-crossed relations. He has been my landlord, I have been his employer. His wife has been my yoga teacher and his music partner one of Golightly Cashmere’s prized knitters. It is a small town after-all but also so deep with unique and independent spirits like David. Mostly, I have truly enjoyed the music of Art of Flying. It makes me cry and, well, sad songs make me happy. It’s the kind of sound that washes over your soul and cleans it. I know, right, “soul-cleansing” music? Well, have a look-see for yourself. He’s more than just a mighty fine looking cashmere model. He’s thoughtful, crafted and committed to his art in a way we should all take note.
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Izumi Yokoyama
I first met Izumi when she so graciously brought in her 3-week-old daughter to be photographed in our Golightly Cashmere baby blanket and hat. This was years ago and since, I’ve been drawn to Izumi via her art as I’ve seen it around Taos. There is something complicated and beautiful and mysterious in it; her work reminded me of my impression of her-- and I’ve always wanted to know more. How does one arrive here in Taos all the way from Japan? Her cultural leap is vast and inspiring and her roots seem to have taken ahold of Taos-- or is it the other way around? Have a look-see-hear of the lovely Izumi Yokoyama herein.
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Paul Pascarella
Paul has been acquaintance of mine and of Golightly Cashmere for many years. However, I blush to admit that not a lot of the conversation has swirled around Paul, his work, or his story. I have skied with him, sat for coffee with him, thanked him for bringing his famous friends into the store to buy cashmere, but the subject of Paul and his work hasn’t always come up. He has a way of making you feel interesting-- which to me, is the tell-tale sign of someone interesting. I’m grateful for this project because we took the whole “cashmere model” thing a step further. I asked Paul, why do you have so many famous friends and beautiful girlfriends? What inspires your art and your process? What keeps you in Taos? I think you’ll see why for yourself. Check out the video:
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Maria Samora
There are so many things to say about my dear friend Maria. She has been a personal confidant and sister to me since my days of knitting watchcaps in the garage. She has owned the heavy cream watchcap like nobody else-- so much so, that we are reluctant to sell the color to other locals saying, “that’s Maria’s color.” Her list of awards and recognitions as a Master Jeweler are too many to list. Recently, in 2018, she was declared the Living Treasure by the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s been a joy to witness her accomplishments. Her work will make your draw-drop and I’m certain this is because she is such a connected and authentic person. Her beauty within is translated to her work in a wearable way, in a way that makes you feel beautiful, like her.
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