Hold up—don’t put all that cashmere away for the summer just yet. Unbeknownst to most, the Infinity Scarf can be a pretty darn delightful summer accessory + more. Chances are you’ll only wear it cozied-up around your neck in a chilly movie theater or on a long road trip with that one seemingly extra warm-blooded friend who loves the air conditioning turned up to arctic freeze zone. But, wearing it around your neck is just one of the limitless ways can use it.

To illustrate this, we took the infinity scarf to our favorite Santa Fe creek with our friend, Maria. She wore the scarf as a skirt, a turban, a tube top, and a sexy bandeau. And seriously, how darling is she?

Conclusion: the Infinity Scarf gets the best travel accessory award for all your summer adventures.

Loose Babushka

A great sun, wind, rain shelter. A great disguise with some Grace Kelly drama.


Let it hang for a pop of color, your reliable accessory at the ready.

In a Knot

Give yourself some Latin or Euro flair.

Doubled Up

The non-fly away scarf.

As a Shrug

Need to cover your shoulders in a pinch?

Front Drape

Flat across the chest and hanging loose in the back. We love this elegant look with a simple slip dress.


Because we hand-seam these with an artisan kitchener stitch, the Infinity it built to be abused. Wrap it and wrap for this look.

Tube Top

Wrapped twice around your body.

Sexy Bandeau

Insurance if your bikini top gets lost on the waterslide. Just kidding. Very chic look with high waisted pants or a skirt.

Butt Skirt

Really cute over leggings. A great way to transition your “yoga look” to the rest of your day.

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