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The Goat's Belly

  • Meet Shimi and Sarah

    Dear Golightly Cashmere customer,  Your continued patronage of our small knitwear company in Northern New Mexico is the BEST THING that happened ...
  • How to Wear The Hip Skirt

    The Hip Skirt is something more than a skirt entirely. It is an essential piece of fall out here in Northern New Mexico. We created it as a reliable and functional core warmer, a snug layer that warms you up and looks so good. Because it's such a singular garment, we wanted to show you what it is and a few ways to wear it. 
  • How Cashmere is Made (and why it's so expensive)

    If you’re holding quality cashmere, it’s unnecessary to even ask the question: why is it the most expensive than other wools? The tactile feel of 100%, quality cashmere alone is luxe. You can feel its worth. Cashmere feels impossibly soft, softer than any other textile. It’s a fact so simple as to be almost ironic: the finest fiber on earth comes straight from the goat’s belly.
  • The story of chocolate + cashmere

    In the middle of the desert, a sensual oasis of a boutique. It’s set in over the years how much it sounds like a fantasy. So commonly someone will pop in to one of the shops in Santa Fe or Taos, and say “oh, it really is chocolate and cashmere!” As though maybe they were expecting something different, something they are not sure what, as though the title were a tricky metaphor.  Instead, visitors are surprised to see rows and rows of cashmere and a shining case of bonbons. 
  • Starting a Business and Having a Baby: The Boss Mom story behind Golightly Cashmere

    We mothers know that at that very moment when our children our born, everything changes forever. Almost instantly, the responsibility to ourselves and therefore our children becomes as clear as the vast, unmapped road ahead. I have often told people that Golightly Cashmere was founded at “round about 4:05pm in late May of 2004, the moment my son Rohnin was born.”
  • An Artists Retreat at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House: The Taos Artists Colony Then and Now

    It is with pride that we present to you this series of artist interviews made at the historic Mabel Dodge Luhan house in Taos, New Mexico. As our photography team thought about creating a look for winter 2019, we thought about our roots and about the depth of the place we call home: Taos.

    Mabel’s house is a perfect setting because it seems to crystallize all things Taos. We considered the history of the place, now 100-years-old, and all of the artists that came here.

  • An Artist's Retreat at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House with Afton Love

    Afton's art traces and captures the landscape that is our home and our deep human history. She's evolved from abstract art to a type of hyperrealism in large-scale brushed graphite drawings of rock formations in Northern New Mexico. Chosen as Roswell Artist-in-Residence in 2018, and her installation Ranging will be on display at The Harwood Museum in Taos May-June of this year. 
  • An Artists Retreat at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House with David Costanza

    David and I share all sorts of criss-crossed relations. He has been my landlord, I have been his employer. His wife has been my yoga teacher and his music partner one of Golightly Cashmere’s prized knitters. It is a small town after-all but also so deep with unique and independent spirits like David. 
  • An Artist’s Retreat at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House with Johnny Ortiz of the Shed Project

    Johnny Ortiz is committed to place and mindfulness, and so is living this rich life in Northern New Mexico: off-grid, raising animals and growing food. He shares this with the community by hosting / Shed: an intimate monthly dinner: serving foods grown here, now out of ceramics made of local clay, dug and fired in the traditional way by Johnny himself.
  • An Artists Retreat at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House with Maye Torres

    It is with pride that we present to you this series of artist interviews made at the historic Mabel Dodge Luhan house in Taos, New Mexico. Maye...
  • Objects You Live Through: Halley Roberts Strongwater

    Halley is a photographer, designer, a self-proclaimed naturalist/forager and fulltime mama to her baby, Stone. She’s heavily involved in herbalism, creativity, food and farming- all of which manages to funnel back into her photos.
  • Taking notes from Taryn Slawson

    Taryn Slawson is known for her bold geometric weavings made mostly from hemp. She lives slightly outside of Santa Fe in the small community of Rio En Medio, where she works and also hosts a rotating art residency, Tanu.