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The Goat's Belly

  • How to clean your Cashmere.

    Herein the mystery about how to clean your cashmere is dispelled. One fine afternoon, Krysta and Haleigh brought the camera into the household for a veritable DIY video about WHY it is important to clean your cashmere, but also a few tidbits on HOW to do so.
  • Objects You Live Through: Sydney Ballesteros

    Sydney has an iconic look—a blend of modern and vintage clothing, stunning silhouettes and statement jewelry. We asked her to put together a few looks with her favorite Golightly pieces. She unabashedly went all-out and declared, “This may be a little over the top, but I don’t care, that’s just me.”
  • Objects You Live Through: Chris Dahl-Berdine, aerial photographer

    A day or so of hanging out with Chris Dahl-Berdine is a rollercoaster reality check in so many unexpected ways. Just hearing what his day-to-day is like makes you envision the adventurous life you’re missing out on and realize the full life you’re already living. By the time most of us plod out of bed in the morning, Chris is soaring over mountain tops and canyonlands, chasing after that sweet sunrise light in his ultralight plane to get the aerial photo we didn’t know was possible. I wanted that in my life.
  • 10 Ways to 288

    Hold up-  Don’t put all that cashmere away for the summer just yet.  Unbeknownst to most, the Infinity scarf can be a pretty darn delightful summer accessory + more.  Chances are you’ll only wear it cozied-up around your neck in a chilly movie theater or on a long road trip with that one seemingly extra warm-blooded friend who loves the air conditioning turned up to arctic freeze zone.  But, wearing it around your neck is just one of the limitless ways can use it. To illustrate this, we took the infinity scarf to our favorite Santa Fe creek with our friend, Maria.