The Hip Skirt is something more than a skirt entirely. It is an essential piece of fall out here in Northern New Mexico. We created it as a reliable and functional core warmer, a snug layer that warms you up and looks so good. Because it's such a singular garment, we wanted to show you what it is and a few ways to wear it.

We'll admit that we do call it The Butt Skirt, that's how good it looks. Again, fashion and function, because The Hip Skirt is designed to be worn high and tight around the hips. We most commonly recognize the important role that the head holds in regulating temperature, but we shouldn't forget about the kidneys. In Chinese medicine, kidneys are the "root of life," and keeping the kidneys warm in cold weather improves circulation, energy and mood. Pull on a hip skirt and you'll feel all warm and loose, ready to drink cider and do yoga and cuddle up on the train—and quickly realize that you can incorporate it into all your favorite autumn and winter looks.

The first question: how to wear The Hip Skirt? Can simply be answered, snugly. The Hip Skirt is meant to be a little bit of a struggle to pull on. It's made to be tight. Over the years that you wear this skirt, you'll find that it will mold to your body. Not stretch, so much as shift to complement you further.

1. over jeans

This is a skinny jean upgrade that closes that chilly gap between your waistband and your adorable, adorable top. Show off the high waist with a crop or continue to cozy up, this look is the classic.

2. dressing up leggings

Black leggings, white button down, and The Hip Skirt can't be beat. A look as professional and polished as you need to be, yet entirely, blissfully comfy (like you might step out of the board room directly into a barre class).

3. doubled up

Slip The Hip Skirt over your shoulders and you will find the most delightful cowl. If you couldn't decide on a color, style two Hip Skirts together for a balanced look.

4. as a cowl

The cowl is a unique shoulder wrap that holds you tight and keeps you cozy up top. It's a much sleeker alternative to a scarf or a wrap under a blazer or a coat.


J from New York City declares The Hip Skirt "a wardrobe changer. It allows me to wear leggings and lighter pants that I love, even in winter, without freezing. I have worn it every day since I got it." She's not an outlier. Watch below to hear what a Hip Skirt OG has to say: Sonya has rocked her Hip Skirts for years, so you can trust she knows what's up.


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