Dear Golightly Cashmere customer, 

Your continued patronage of our small knitwear company in Northern New Mexico is the BEST THING that happened to us in 2020. Thank You for buying and using our product. It is our honor and joy to make you things. Truly.

The NEXT BEST thing, while also discluding an actual order of things in this connected organization, is SHIMI AND SARAH. Dear customer, meet Sarah and Shimi. They are the newest pair to join Golightly Cashmere. Shimi is our affectionate name for Golightly’s production and design game changer: a commercial knitting machine. Sarah is Shimi’s Technician and Designer-- a boon for Golightly. Sarah is Santa Fe-born and recently graduated from RISD. It just so happens she is also very adept at learning new computer languages. It’s a win-win-- she is close to home and so helpful to us. Plus, on the spirited side of the machine and the girl, characteristics include: reliable, full of capacity, the best of attitudes in the house.

Thank you, dear universe, for this uncanny pairing as it has deepened our passion for making things, for combining colors and patterns, shapes and finishes. We are Made In the USA- it feels like we are on to something.


The new machine brings us into the 21st century and deems us a stable and growing production company. It forces us to deepen our understanding of knitwear, it's many variables and constructions. Importantly, the acquisition of this Shimi/Sarah dream team has sparked something in us. We are creating with fervor and we are beginning with small upgrades to our existing products.


To note, see this edging on our Golightly Scarf. It is a ribbed edge-- one we were previously unable to make. This upgrade prevents the scarf from rolling and changing shape. Stability is important to our guarantee. 

Nextly, as featured in our latest photoshoot, our Cashmere Wrap just got wider! We added 7 inches to its width and stabilized the edges. Our objective in this redesign was to keep its soft loft while also giving it that extra bit for cocooning yourself when needed.  This change added an extra 100 grams cashmere, making it substantial in function and light in nature. 

Lastly, do hear that we will not fix what isn’t broken. Our watchcap will continue to be made on our vintage machines. We are impressed by the way one machine is informing the other, how our 16+ years experience with cashmere cuts time for us. We know how the fiber likes to be handled so as to bring about its best possible outcome. All this is to say, this is a little of what we are up to. We promise to keep growing on our promise to guarantee our products for a lifetime. 

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